Chouza Habaki:  is one of the main characters of Itsuwaribito


He has sharp teeth like fangs, and hair that is constantly hiding his eyes.


Chouza is a talented guy, who always acts like a mature person.  He worries a lot about his comrades.  


Chouza is confident in a fight, as he wields the poison death claws, mentioning to Yakuma that if he hits him just three times, no matter how small the wound, the poison will kill him. He also doesn't hesitate to lie if it'll get him out of a bad situation.

Chouza doesn't like people seeing his eyes because he has a tattoo around his eyes that mark him as the child of a murderer, and when he was younger he was abused by people when they found out. Yakuma accidently sees it in the Black Fortress, but also helps Chouza hide it without saying anything about it.


Natural AbilitiesEdit