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Hikae Nibyou (弐猫 控 Nibyou Hikae) is the guardian of the Eye Stone. He is an itsuwaribito and claims to have lived for at least five hundred years.


Hikae has narrow yellow eyes resembling a snake. He has short, spiky, green hair along with a white bandanna tied around his head. He wears a white shirt underneath a black sleeved top. He has long black pants and sandals, and a black band on each of his wrists.


The most important thing to Hikae is to have fun. He considers life to be meaningless if there is nothing interesting in it, and hates anything boring. Like Utsuho, he is very aloof and rarely reveals his true intentions to the group. If there is something that interests him, he will easily disregard common sense or morals in order to fulfil his curiosity. He likes Utsuho and Pochi as he thinks they are fun to be around, but greatly dislikes Neya and Yakuma because he considers them dull and uninteresting.


Hikae tells Utsuho that he had been an itsuwaribito 500 years ago, and had murdered many people before "God saved him."  When asked why he killed all those people, Hikae vaguely replied it was because he "didn't want to die."  He claims he met God who made him a guardian and implies this is why he has managed to live so long. 

In addition to his long life, he also appears to be somewhat invulnerable, since poisons and hallucinogens have no effect on him, and he's survived being impaled and crushed.