Hisago is a magician who uses tricks and illusions to decieve people

and steal money.  


Hisago has brown eyes and long, brown hair which is tied back into a ponytail. He wears the uniform of one of Doten's disciples, along with his trademark sunglasses. He has a black ribbon around his neck and wears sandels.


Hisago is extremely clever and cunning, as well as an excellent liar. He is remorseless, and doesn't care if his companions get hurt, stating that he has no use for minions who can't look out for themselves. Hisago is a magician and uses tricks, illusions, and performances to cheat people of their money. He is also knowledgeable, as shown when he avoided Utsuho's trap by moving away when he smelled the garlic-like odor of white phosphorous. Hisago is persuasive as well, for he was able to gather many followers to aid him with his plan.
Photo 00054-1-1-

Hisago showing everyone a fake miracle.


Hisago seeked out Doten and promised to help him with his goal. He told him what he should do and became his first disciple. He also gathered many other disciples, and together they created a sect. But unlike Doten who just wanted to help people, Hisago had his own plan and used Doten to make money.