" So.... you think I'm a monster, eh?"

Gin Hobaku ( 銀捕縛) is an Itsuwaribtio who appears in volume 16. He is one of the main antagonists in the story. His real name is Shirogane, he stole the name Gin Hobaku from another man. His current status is unknown, but it is revealed by Yakuma that Gin is dead.

Gin hobaku


Gin is average for his height. He has silver hair tied in a pony tail, which refers to hims name, Gin meaning silver.

Gin wears a white yukata. The sleeves are navy blue with a flower design. He also wears a bead necklace. He has a white obi around his waist and carries two swords.


Gin usually is bubbly and happy. He has a big smile as if nothing is wrong. But he has a whole new side when he's in battle. He gets a murderous vibe, and he expression can turn slightly twisted.


During his childhood he was a strong and invincible murderer. He met Kin later on and promised to kill him. They became comrades. Gin revealed his oldest memory of his slaughter. He seemed to have not remembered anything, as it was shown him saying where are his parents and did he kill them? Utsuho revealed that Gin was the one who murdered his family.

It is also told that Gin and Kin saved Rama and Kagyu from which seems, slavery.


Above average intelligence and strategic ability: Gin is a prodigy in planning out battles. This led him to beat Utsuho about two times. He can also take off chains and handcuffs in a matter of seconds. He called it for child's play to remove. Gin also specials in trickery. He's very sly and cunning, not to mention he tricked Princess Ruri.

Weapons: Gin carries two large katanas.

Nature: When this special mode is activated, his eyes turn pitch black. He wields in a thin white wire than can decapitate humans in a blink of an eye.


Kin: It is showed that Gin trusts Kin very much. Although Kin may thing Gin is a bit troublesome.

Utsuho: Gin didn't want to lose to him.


- Gin's real name is Shirogane. He shares the same name with Kin.

- Gin never lied when he told Rama that she was cute.

- Shirogane means white gold and platinum.

- Gin means silver.

- Hobaku means capture.

- Gin could've been diagnosed with Hemophilia.

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