Neya Multo

Neya Muito (六兎 閨, Muito Neya) is one of the main protagonists in Itsuwaribito. Her aim is to build a village large enough to help many people.


Neya has fair skin, red eyes and white pinkish hair, which she keeps tied up into two pigtails. She wears a comb in one of them as a decoration. She wears a white kimono with a light orange checker pattern at the shoulders and a dark skirt. She has black socks and wears sandels.


Neya put on a strongface while on the island, knowing that there are many dangerous Itsuwaribito among the large island. Once she leaves the island, along with Utsuho and Yakuma, she becomes more calm, nice, and even lets her guard down a bit, which is of course, a bit bad. When Utsuho asks her if she can tell if people are lying and how, and she answers "Not believing what others say?" showing that she isn't exactly a good liar. She is also afraid of bugs, shown when Utsuho points out something is on her shoulder, and when she looks to see a beetle, she freaks out and ends up falling onto Yakuma. She apparently won't reveal her weight when asked by Utsuho and she got mad at him. But when Yakuma asked about it, she didn't act the same way to him.

Right after Utsuho pats Kazura on the head, Neya was a little shocked and after confessed her feelings to Utsuho who replied with "Uh-huh". Yakuma then sees her after and tells him that she isn't sure if  Utsuho accepted it or rejected her. He then said that he will support her and she thanks him.


Prior to the beginning of the story, Neya was brought to the Nadeshiko Island for an unknown reason, but it can be assumed that it was nothing serious because of her light sentence. While there, she stayed with a large group of exiled people and banded together with them for the sake of survival and safety. Eventually her term finished, but she chose to stay with the village instead so she could help maintain it and take care of the orphaned children and the elderly that were on the island.


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Neya with her bow

Natural AbilitiesEdit


Archery: Neya's bow is just a cover for her real weapon, which is her Kunai. She is not that skilled with a bow.

Kunai: Neya's real weapons are three Kunai that she hides underneath her Kimono, she is very skilled with them.