My super perf Itsuwaribito OC!! Not a Mary Sue!!

OBsidion Rven Blood

Appearance and other traits:

rainbow hair

wings so she cn fly

pocelain white skin

Natural MMM breasts

hair can grow and shrink at will

Explosive blood

fox ears and tails and whisker markings

black eyes that turn golden when she is in her special mode


not like other girls

Has an Ipod full of my chemical romance songs despite the time period who cares about anachronisms am I right?

Backstory (Warning! Super tragic you guys!!!):

related to pochi but she’s a kitsune

also related to yakuma

Her father was the evil king of the kitsune, he abused her in all the ways because she was more powerful than him

because he ripped out all her hair, she had to get new magical growing hair from pochi’s mother

Pochi’s mother adopts her

Her evil fox demon self came out and killed pochi’s mother and then pochi’s father

She runs away, thinking she also killed Pochi, who she had really gotten along well with

Plot of the fanfic I am working on:

starts off dating uzume, but then uzume cheats on her with chouza

She questions her sexuality and dates iwashi

Decides Iwashi is a slut so she kills iwashi

Starts dating Utsuho, which makes neya jealous so neya is evil

She is tortured by Neya

Neya goes to group kuroha

She is pregnant with Utsuho’s child

Neya tries to kill her, Utsuho saves her

Lived happily ever after

talent show which she wins by singing Angel of Darkness really well

Neya is also in the talent show but loses because reasons that need not be discussed

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