Ponpokorii Chitchoriina III (ぽんぽこりーちっちょリーナIII世, Ponpokoriichicchoriina San Se) referred to by the nickname Pochi, is an orphaned tanuki. He is the first member of Utsuho's new family and accompanies him on his travels.


Pochi is a tanuki with light brown fur. His eyes are black and covered by patches of dark brown that stretch over his cheeks, and he has small pointed ears. All four of his paws are a dark shade of brown, and he has a large tail with several dark brown stripes running across them.


Pochi is a forgiving and trusting tanuki, who is constantly nice to everyone. No matter how badly he is treated, even to the point of being nearly killed, he still stays nice and is cared for by Utsuho and his other companions.


Pochi was only six months old when a man trapped his mother to put on display. His mother, also a tanuki, told the man that he could put her on display and sell her if he wished, so long as her son was kept safe. The man disagreed with her and told her that she will sell both her and her son, as talking tanuki would be very valuable. His mother became very angry and attacked the man, so the killed and stuffed her. Trusting the man and believing his mother to still be alive, Pochi continued to go to the man, barely managing to escape his traps each time. Utsuho came along one day, seeing the small tanuki being hung from a thorny rope by his foot. After untying Pochi and learning he could speak English, Utsuho asked him why he was tied up and learned Pochi's story. When Pochi goes back to get his mother after meeting Utsuho, he finds out his mother was killed and makes a grave for her. Since Pochi no longer had any family, Utsuho told Pochi to come with him on his travels, and that Utsuho would be his family.


Although Pochi is a tanuki, he is too young to shape-shift. Like all tanukis though, he can understand and speak the human language.

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Naivety: being overly trusting of what he is told, Pochi manages to cross a perilous cave by believing a sign that claims it to be safe.