Sota is one of the children from the village on Nadeshiko Island.


Sota has short black hair and dark eyes. He wears a simple yukata with a light colored obi.


Sota is a kind, selfless boy who would risk his life for his friends and family. He cares about his family very much and was willing to hurt himself if it meant that they would be happy. An example was when Sota faked an illness. Yakuma however, stated that he was a doctor and couldn't lie about a fake illness. Knowing that this would ruin their plan for tricking Neya to go to the mainland, he asked if it was alright if it wasn't a lie and tried to hurt himself for real.


Nadeshiko IslandEdit

Sota was one of the children residing on Nadeshiko Island. When Neya was held captive by the itsuwaribito, he tried to sneak up behind him and ambush him. He was caught though, but still insisted that Neya should be let go. The itsuwaribito let them both go, but attempted to kill Sota with his weapon. The attack was stopped by Yakuma, who made it just in time.

After the tanuki boss was defeated, Neya mentioned that she wanted to get out fast and learn new things. The villagers appreciated all the effort she had put in for them and wanted her to go, but she felt the need to stay so she could continue to take care of the orphaned children and elderly. As Utsuho and Yakuma were leaving soon, the villagers made one final effort; they pretended that Sota was sick and the only way he would be saved was if someone went to the mainland to get the ingredients needed to make the cure. Neya went, but discovered that it was a plot to trick her into going to the mainland.

It was revealed that Yakuma knew about the plan and aided them. He came to examine Sota, but found nothing wrong with him. The villagers pleaded for him to help, but Yakuma told them that he was a doctor and couldn't lie about fake illnesses. Sota asked if it would be okay if it were real, and proceded to try and stab himself. His effort was stopped by Yakuma, who agreed to help after seeing how determined he was to help Neya.