Tenka Togano is the adopted son of a fireworks maker and a friend of Utsuho Azako.


Tenka has black hair and amber eyes.



Tenka comes from a long line of traveling entertainers. For generations, his family would travel around the country as a troupe, doing unique performances with water and music. Their family had a performance that used wind to manipulate fire as well, which was extremely popular. However, for reasons unknown, the trick went wrong one day, which resulted in the death of his entire family. Tenka suffered burns and became afraid of fire.

He was then taken in by the Village of Orphans, which was where he met Utsuho. Osho, the village's leader, told him to never change anger into hate. After that, Tenka decided to conquer his fear by working with fire. He did numerous things that included and used fire, such as carrying lanterns and cooking. He regained his confidence and was able to perform with fire before the villagers.

He was adopted by a fireworks maker and left the village to go back with him. He moved to the Natsumura Town of Explosives and works with his father to make fireworks.