Uzume: (烏頭目 Uzume) A 19-year-old warrior who is one of Kuroha's allies. He is a peppy, simple man, and is quite stupid. He often says saying and difficult words incorrectly, making him mostly comic relief. He is one of the main protagonist of Itsuwaribito.


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He is most often seen smiling with a wide open mouth. He is an honest guy and never lies.


Ever since the time Uzume was born, he was not treated like a human and was ostracized. Possibly due him receiving irrational violence and abuse, he came to think that it would be best to break anything he hated as he lived his life. On the other hand, he is quite friendly, and there are times when he gets lonely like a child. He also holds feelings that Kuroha and Chouza, who he likes, are precious to him. There was a time when he was being chased by Iriya and Utsuho proposed that they fight together, but thinking about Kuroha, he turned him down. He likes Utsuho and has a crush on Neya (apparently, she's exactly his type), and thinks of them both as his friends. At the Black Fortress, when he talked to Utsuho, he decided that he wanted to live a life without killing people. However, this decision led to a wall being made between himself and Kuroha, who he held dearly. In the battle against Iriya at Bride Village, he saves his allies, but knowing that he was not trusted by Kuroha, he left Kuroha's group along with Chouza and Minamo to act with just the three of them. In the capital, Kuroha says some parting words, but Uzume wasn't satisfied, confirms Kuroha's real intentions, and travels with her once again. Deeply hurt at the death of Kuroha and Saiha, he fights Iriya and wins, getting revenge for the two. After he learned the importance of people's lives, he swears in his heart to never kill another person ever again, and in order to make a world where no one suffers, he decides to join Utsuho's group along with Chouza and Minamo.


Natural AbilitiesEdit


His weapon is a three-section staff with a small sickle attached, and has such power to the weapon that it does not matter if he is close or far in range to his opponent. He once told Utsuho, "My head's empty, but I get pissed." What he lacks in brains, he makes up with fighting power, which is top-class. It might be because he is quite honest, but his mouth more than often slips, letting out vital information. As an enemy, Utsuho called him "Bird brain", but once they became allies, Utsuho began calling him by his name.