Itsuwaribito Volume 2

Volume 2 is the second volume of the manga Itsuwaribito. It was published on April 12th 2011.


In the forest, Utsuho, Dr. Yakuma and the talking tanuki Pochi encounter a psychotic man who hunts liars and cuts out their tongues. How can Utsuho outwit someone who can psychically tell when someone's lying?


Chapter 8: Even Though We Think DifferentlyEdit

Utsuho beats the leader of the itsuwaribito and the lord accepts Yakuma's offer of doing surgery. Utsuho and Yakuma leave the town; Meanwhile, a new danger approaches....

Chapter 9: Yakuma's SufferingEdit

Chapter 10: The Mysterious Mind ReaderEdit

Chapter 11: If You BelieveEdit

Chapter 12: He's CoolEdit

Chapter 13: Utsuho Is Human After AllEdit

Chapter 14: Utsuho Gets TrickedEdit

Chapter 15: We'll Pretend It Didn't Happen ♥Edit

Chapter 16: The Same SmellEdit

Chapter 17: For My FamilyEdit