Itsuwaribito Volume 4
Volume 4 is the fourth volume of the manga Itsuwaribito. It was published on December 13th 2011.


Utsuho and his friends encounter a sect whose leader claims to use the power of a god to perform miracles. Could his power possible be real- or is he yet another charlatan?


Chapter 28: Behind the MiracleEdit

Chapter 29: MastermindEdit

Chapter 30: The MistakeEdit

Chapter 31: FeintEdit

Chapter 32: Lies and MagicEdit

Chapter 33: Hisago's WhereaboutsEdit

Chapter 34: Pochi and the CombEdit

Chapter 35: Yakuma's ChoiceEdit

Chapter 36: Town of ExplosivesEdit

Chapter 37: Tenka's PastEdit