Itsuwaribito Volume 5
Volume 5 is the fifth volume of the manga Itsuwaribito. It was published on April 10th 2012.


Utsuho and his cohorts stop in a village to replenish their supply of explosives and run into Tenka, a friend of Utsuho's from the orphan village. It's a happy reunion- until they all become embroiled in a fiery violence...


Chapter 38: Forward!Edit

Chapter 39: A Weapon Called SenEdit

Chapter 40: Four-shaku ShellEdit

Chapter 41: The Liar's IdentityEdit

Chapter 42: The KokonotsuEdit

Chapter 43: Village of DollsEdit

Chapter 44: Borrowing and LendingEdit

Chapter 45: The Lord's DollsEdit

Chapter 46: The Cursed DollEdit

Chapter 47: Sleeping PrincessEdit