Itsuwaribito Volume 6

Volume 6 is the sixth volume of the manga Itsuwaribito. It will be published on August 14th 2012.


With his companions Yakuma, Neya, and Pochi, Utsuho journeys in search of the fabled treasures known as the Kokonotsu. The quest leads the group to a village of murderous dolls, and finally to a man who claims to be the guardian of the treasures...


Chapter 48: A Way to HelpEdit

Chapter 49: The Lord's RecordsEdit

Chapter 50: The Value of ProtectingEdit

Chqpter 51:  A New LeadEdit

Chapter 52: Gem: EyestoneEdit

Chapter 53: The TestEdit

Chapter 54: AnswersEdit

Chapter 55: CracksEdit

Chapter 56: Hokorai VillageEdit

Chapter 57: Utopia?Edit